OUR history

April 18th 1961 - 1963

The Commission requests to afford this Commission for Humanity as an independent and sovereign entity to allow assistance and protection as may be necessary under the Local and International Laws, Treaties, Protocols, and status recognized by Vienna Convention from April 18th 1961 and 1963 for protection of Diplomats.

1963 - 1987

Historically such names associated with the Commission have included Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan, both also associated with the Peace Gong and His Royal Highness Percy Tamayo, Francesco Paol Scarciolla, AMBASSADOR EUROPEAN NATIONS-SPECIAL PORTAFOLIO ITALY.

1987 through September 9 1989

The Commission was formed in 1987 through Sep 9 1989  by a renowned humanitarian HE. Sir Zelly Mighty with the help of the late Dr Mighty Gabriel with His Eminence Archbishop David Gagnon serving as our Secretary General

1989 - 2016

If we come more up to date His Excellency Raphael Louis as  and Rtd Lt. Gen Sir Leslie R Angell as Minister of Foreign Affairs - WHC

1989 - Current

View our list of achievements throughout the years of when it was founded.

2016 - 2018

Rubina Hyder Ali was appointed as Accredited Ambassador in Residence (Pakistan) from Lt. Gen Sir Leslie R Angell and FRGOC (Fairmont Royal Group of Companies) and GLT (Global Learning Trust) became partner organizations with WHC

Sep 21st 2018

After passing of Kofi Annan Ambassador Rubina Hyder Ali gave tribute at International Peace Day Celebration in Pakistan Sep 21st 2018 with French Counselor and was given the title for her outstanding work and became High Commissioner - Asia/Africa/Gulf on UN SDGs for WHC to connect Africa and Gulf to achieve UN SDGs 2030

2021 - 2022

In the year 2021 the Minister of Foreign Affairs - Rtd. Lt. Gen Sir Leslie R Angell retired and gave his seat to honorable Amb. Rubina Ali she is currently the Minister of Foreign Affairs - WHC and has appointed deputy appointed Deputy High Commissioners in many countries to work on awareness and adoption of UN SDGs to achieve the sustainable development goals by 2030 and to support the humanitarian areas and develop nations.

2021 - 2022

We have 8 projects going on ground next year - 2023 and 2024 see below the details about these projects.