International  Committee  of  the  World  Humanity Commission –[ICWHC]  is a world wide movement of people who campaign for humanity. The WORLD HUMANITY COMMISSION - [WHC] as a Sovereign Entity and is the Commission for Humanity, whose daily diplomatic role is to service the humanity by providing a platform for peaceful coexistence.  Our  Objectives are to work on Water, Food, Shelter (Housing and Sustainable Cities), Job Security, Quality Education, Good Health,  Agriculture, Fisheries, Peace and Justice. 

The Commission was formed in 1987 through 1989  by a renowned humanitarian HE. Sir Zelly Mighty with the help of the late Dr Mighty Gabriel with His Eminence Archbishop Gagnon serving as our Secretary General and HRH Hon. BGen Amb. Rubina H Ali serving as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. She additionally holds a brief as High Commissioner for - Africa/Asia/Gulf on UN SDGs for WHC and has appointed deputy high commissioners in many countries to work on awareness and adoption of UN SDGs to achieve the sustainable development goals by 2030 and to support the humanitarian areas and develop nations.

WHC is headed by the World Chairman; the President, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vice President; the Secretary General assisted by Deputy Secretary General; High Commissioners; Council of Representatives; Commissioners; Council of Directors; Advisory Council; and Standing Committee, among other institutions and it has its representations IN many countries AND few of them are USA, UK, Ireland, Pakistan, Italy, Malta, Sierra Leone, 

Canada, Bangladesh, Brazil, Turkey, Cambodia, Egypt, France, Germany, Indonesia, Korea, Laos, Liberia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, Ukraine, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Guinea-Bissau, Gambia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Zambia, New Zealand, Namibia, India, and Vietnam.

WHC works towards the observance of all humanitarian laws as 

enshrined in the international standards. It seeks to promote the 

observance of the full range of humanity, which it considers to be 

indivisible and interdependent, through campaigning and public 

awareness activities, as well as through rights awareness – education and pushing for ratification and implementation of humanitarian –domestic –diplomatic, and human rights treaties. We were also the observers for Liberia Government Election as well we submitted the election observation report for Pakistan.